HAGBARD's History

Hagbard was created in 2010 in Juiz de Fora – Brazil. Since the beginning the band has been mixing Folk music influences with Heavy Metal in general and has been trying to develop its own style despite anything. Hagbard’s music doesn’t contain a single atmosphere, it varies from cheerful songs to melancholic ones. The lyrical content is mainly based on Fantasy themes mixed with folklore and mithology from different cultures.

The band released a Demo-CD called Warrior's Legacy in 2011, it contains 4 tracks that showed the band`s intentions. It was praised both by the critics and the fans, leading the band to significative growth within the brazilian metal scene.

Hagbard concluded the recording process of its Debut-CD entitled Rise of the Sea King in mid-2013. It was recorded at Aba Studio, located in the band`s hometown, with the producer Leo Simas. The mix/master process was done at Dead Dog Farm, Säffle/Sweden, by Jerry Torstensson (Draconian Drummer) and the whole artwork was made by Jobert Mello/Sledgehammer Graphix (Sabaton, Primal Fear).

Before releasing Rise of the Sea King, the band released the Single Lost in the Highlands, which included two tracks from the Debut-CD. Thus, Hagbard got attention which led to Rise of the Sea King being released by SoundAge Productions from Moscow/Russia, a label that has released bands such as Arkona, Grai, etc. In early 2014 the band shot a video clip for “March to Glory” in order to promote its Debut-CD.

Later in 2014 the band started recording a new material, the EP “Tales of Frost and Flames”. This material contains 5 tracks based on George R. R. Martin’s literary work. The EP was recorded in the band’s studio, then it was Mixed/Mastered by Vincenzo Avallone at Deep Water Recordings in Salerno/Italy. The artwork was again made by Jobert Mello. Tales of Frost and Flames was Released in February 2015 in Digifile format by two Brazilian Labels: Genocídio Records and Ihells produções.

"Vortex to an Iron Age" is Hagbard’s second studio album. It was released in May 2016 by Heavy Metal Rock Records. Just as the Debut-Album "Rise of the Sea King", the new material was mixed and mastered in Säfle/Sweden by Jerry Torstensson/Dead Dog Farm Studio. The artwork was created by Marcelo Vasco, a renowned Brazilian artist who has recently worked with bands such as Slayer, Borknagar, etc.

The band is currently focused on promoting the album.